Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology in Cyprus

Interventional Radiology (IR) is a medical subspecialty within the field of clinical radiology that involves the use of advanced and modern imaging technology such as X-ray Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound (US), Computed Tomography (CT), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to look and navigate inside the patient’s body, aiming at diagnosing and treating disease across a wide and continually expanding range of conditions. 

As IR procedures involve the use of imaging technology for diagnosis and often start with passing a needle through the skin, IR is sometimes described as image-guided or pinhole surgery.

Well established benefits of minimally invasive image guided IR procedures when compared to alternative treatments include the following: 

  • Reduced risk and hospital stay
  • Shorter recovery and quicker return to work 
  • Reduced cost 
  • General Anaesthetic rarely necessary 


Thrombolysis & Thrombectomy

The Interventional Radiologist – Dr Zertalis

Interventional Radiologists, like Dr Zertalis, are doctors with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. They are specialists in the interpretation of medical imaging such as Xray, US, CT and MRI as well as their use to perform a range of minimally invasive, urgent and elective procedures across a spectrum of medical and surgical specialties including oncology, renal medicine, vascular surgery, urology, respiratory medicine, gynaecology and gastroenterology. 

Interventional Radiologists consult patients in clinic and are responsible for the pre and post procedural management of their patients. Other responsibilities include participating and leading multidisciplinary meetings (MDTs), teaching medical students and trainee doctors, an active role in research as well as auditing of practice and developing new services aiming at improving patient satisfaction and experience.  

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Interventional Radiology Procedures in Cyprus

The range of procedures performed and conditions treated in Cyprus by Dr Zertalis can be broadly divided into five categories:

  • Cancer Treatments
  • Embolisation
  • Emergency Intervention
  • Haemodialysis Access Management
  • Vascular Intervention

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